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Meeting the 24x7x365 Demands of Electrification

From powering an EV-driven future to meeting the growing challenges of decarbonization, energy resilience, and cost, utilities are at the leading edge of the global energy transition. Enel X is here to help shoulder the load with a portfolio of utility-scale, utility-tested solutions delivering results today.

Distributed Energy

Enel X supports utilities in deploying distributed energy resources to address peak demand and congestion.

Close-up of electrical tower

Demand Response

Enel X helps utilities design, develop and enroll megawatts of curtailment from large customers into DR programs.

Energy Procurement

Auction-based wholesale energy purchasing maximizes competition and transparency, providing an objective audit trail.

Natural gas power plant and wind farm, San Fransisco, CA

Renewable & All-Source

Increase participation in your large-scale energy buys with an automated process that proves competitive purchases.