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e-Mobility Support

Enel X's Customer Support team is available 24x7x365 whether you are having trouble logging in, need support during a demand response dispatch, or need software support.



+1 888 363 7662

Enel X e-Mobility support can be reached via chat or email 24/7, or by phone during these hours for troubleshooting JuiceBox chargers:

8am to 1am EST (Mon-Fri);
10am to 12am EST (Weekends);
Holiday hours may vary.



+1 844 JUICEBX (584-2329)


E-Mobility support will work with the customer to troubleshoot the JuiceBox based on the reported issue and data transmitted via the logs. If e-Mobility support determines fault with the JuiceBox and it can't be fixed or reset, it will be replaced per the contract and warranty. If there is no data supporting a problem with the JuiceBox and it is an electrical issue or obvious signs of an electrical issue (i.e. burnt/melted plug or receptacle, circuit tripping, or burnt electrical smell from the circuit/​receptacle/​electrical panel) the customer should turn off the circuit breaker and unplug the JuiceBox (if plugged in). Customer should reach out to the JuiceBox installation company QMerit at customerservice@qmerit.com to follow up with any installation and/or electrical problems.

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