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Get Paid for Your Flexibility

Demand response (DR) programs provide payments to large energy consumers that agree to reduce their energy demand during times of electricity grid stress. Program participation is easy, and Enel X provides the expertise you need to make the most out of demand response.

Enel X Provides:


Program strategies to maximize earnings

Don’t let the cost of doing business interfere with your business! Enel X works with customers to develop participation plans that maximize earnings while minimizing operational disruption.

No-cost, no-risk agreements

Enel X protects your organization from penalties and other costs associated with participation. Not all demand response providers are created equal, and with Enel X your priorities are our priorities. Our demand response programs ensure your best interests are secured. With Enel X your business is protected.

Access to more markets and programs

Enel X provides more access to DR programs worldwide than any other provider. We leverage our portfolio size on your behalf to ensure market access for all customers, no matter their load profile. This is demand response that was built with businesses like yours in mind. Energy savings start with customer satisfaction which is why the demand response programs from Enel X put customer needs first.
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The Basics of Demand Response

Demand response programs help to create new revenue streams for customers while supporting grid reliability and keeping energy prices low in the community. Learn more about how demand response works and why Enel X is your ideal partner.