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City skyline in Texas at sunset

Texas Energy Solutions

Mitigating Transmission Charges and Peak Demand with Demand Response

As a world-leading energy producer and “clean energy superpower,” it is no surprise that Texas has turned to innovation to better manage supply and demand—and the bottom-line business costs associated with them.

For 10 years, Enel X has teamed with Texas commercial, industrial, and institutional consumers to help keep the grid clean and reliable, while earning valuable payments. Demand response programs—from the Emergency Response Service, which mitigates the potential for rolling blackouts, to Load Resource, which provides short-term support to the grid when sudden supply and demand imbalances occur—reward ERCOT businesses with cash payments for reducing energy consumption for short durations whenever called upon.


And with Texas businesses experiencing a 50% spike in transmission charges over the last five years, Enel X has helped a variety of organizations across the state strategically lower their demand during system peaks, saving approximately $45,000 per MW each year.


Whether you are a commercial property owner, academic institution, hospital or manufacturer, Enel X has the insights, experience, and customer focus to unlock bill savings and new revenue-generating energy opportunities for your organization.