Exploitation of energy generation surplus

Exploitation of energy generation surplus

GEO (Generation Energy Optimization) is a service that optimises both energy surpluses and output from power plants. It is aimed at industrial and commercial clients.  

Two options are available: from the straightforward retrieval of surpluses and management of imbalances (GEO BASIC) to optimisation of the output of cogeneration systems (GEO ADVANCED).


With the GEO BASIC service we extract, and obtain value from, the surplus energy produced by your generation plants (photovoltaic, cogeneration and trigeneration plants) and we also manage all of the risks associated with the imbalances of the energy markets.

The service ensures the end-to-end management of services concerning the sale of electric energy to the energy markets, ensuring financial benefits for the client without the latter having to become an operator on the market.


With the GEO ADVANCED service, Enel X, in addition to dealing with the extraction and valorisation of the energy surplus from cogeneration plants, optimises the timing and the use of energy generation and the backup units in order to reduce overall energy costs and ensure the financial benefits of participating in the market.

Through our optimisation model, we analyse al of the site and market data* generating an optimised programme for your cogeneration plant.

* Site and market data refers to, for example and not limited to: steam, water electric energy and gas requirements.


  • Integrated generation system management  
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Being part of the electric markets and monetising energy surpluses  
  • Opportunity to be part of the Demand Response programme

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