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How to improve energy efficiency for your company?

We are increasingly concerned about reducing energy costs and about climate change, which is why energy efficiency is more important than ever for companies.. Fortunately, today there are many ways to improve energy efficiency. Achieving this objective requires an initial investment of money and effort, but the long-term cost savings will repay the outlay over the years. Here are the measures that can make your company energy efficient!

Energy audit

The first step to improve energy efficiency is an energy audit. Like a financial audit, an energy audit looks at energy consumption levels and how this can be optimized. The audit starts with a diagnosis, or an analysis phase, to obtain an overall assessment of things like peak loads, leaks, energy-sucking equipment and inefficient lighting. On the basis of the audit, heating and electricity systems can be tweaked for efficiency and then monitored going forward.
Energy audit

Energy audit

The energy diagnosis shows how the company consumes energy.

Iluminat eficient

Efficient lighting

Equip your company with intelligent LED lighting solutions.

Adopt more efficient equipment

Many countries now apply „energy class” labels to appliances and equipment, making it easy to upgrade older less efficient equipment.


Using laptop computers and LED lights at work are other examples of ways equipment can increase energy efficiency.

Smart choices

Smart thermostats and lighting that self-regulate according to building occupancy eliminate waste. Smart devices also make it easy to monitor consumption in real time, helping a business better understand how, where and when it consumes the most. 

Employee engagement

Any effective energy efficiency plan works better with buy-in from staff. Getting them engaged in every day actions, like setting thermostats lower in winter and higher in summer is key, it is essential.

Renewable energy sources

The solar panels can be combined with Energy Management System (EMS) software that make them more efficient. Once the installation costs are recouped, renewable energy results in savings, and contributes to achieving climate change goals.


Buildings more efficient through insulation

Temperature control is one of the largest energy expenditures, so energy efficiency starts with reducing heat or cooling losses. Weather-proofing an office or factory is fundamental to achieving energy efficiency.