JuicePass is our digital product that makes it possible to manage all charging services through the smartphone App or with the JuicePass Card.


The App can be accessed by registering directly or through a Facebook or Google+ profile, or alternatively as an anonymous user

Personal profiles

Users can select the most appropriate profile based on their needs: private, automotive, corporate, domestic and special

Everything in one App

The type of station can be selected and located on the map, as well as access times and costs. Charging sessions can be reserved and monitored live; users can also consult their charging history


The App works with all the public stations compatible with JuicePass, but also with private infrastructures at home or at the workplace


According to preference, the same services can be accessed using the JuicePass Card instead of the App

Other products for Individuals

Box Station 3G

The Box Station 3G is a complete station for management of AC conductive charging of electric vehicles, cars or scooters, using vehicle’s onboard charger

JuiceLamp Mini

It is our integrated solution for public administrations, companies and privates: a small led lamp with reduced dimensions, which has the dual function of lighting and charging infrastructure


Our advanced solution for home charging: designed to ensure fast and safe charging, it is now available in a new version with an elegant and innovative design

Low Cost Box Station

The Low Cost Box Station is an AC conductive charging station for electric vehicles, cars or scooters, using vehicle’s onboard charger

Learn everything there is to know about electric mobility

The automotive world is changing and increasingly switching to electric.  However, there are still some doubts and myths about this new sustainable technology to be dispelled.

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