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What are the advantages of smart public lighting?

The technical development of public lighting infrastructure has been shaped by the need for local authorities to fulfill two requirements: limiting energy consumption and reducing light pollution. The most innovative technical solutions involve the use of remotely managed LED units. This Smart Lighting technology means units can be managed in a more innovative and efficient way, enabling users to:
  • Cut energy consumption by around 65% and generate a further 20% in savings by adjusting light output according to vehicle traffic needs, delivering a reduction in CO2 footprint. This is a key consideration for cities with a rapidly growing population.
  • Manage units more effectively through longer product life and reduced labor requirements, thereby reducing maintenance costs. Smart street lights can  more accurately predict when lamps need changing.
  • Improve lighting quality by using the latest generation microchips, enabling a high color rendering that turns the surrounding environment in a well-lit and pleasant milieu.
  • Increased functionality. When equipped with sensors or cameras, smart lighting systems can monitor traffic, parking, and air quality.

By opting for an upgraded street lighting system with energy-efficient LED products, such as those from Enel X, you benefit from all these advantages. In addition, the intelligent street lighting solutions provided by Enel X Romania, which also include remote management systems, ensure reductions of up to 80% in energy consumption.