Energy Storage & Microgrids

Reduce Costs, Improve Resilience, and Earn Incentive Payments with Energy Storage and Distributed Energy Resources

Why are Businesses Embracing Distributed Energy Resources?

For today’s businesses, the ability to operate critical equipment independently from the electric grid is becoming increasingly valuable.

Energy storage, solar photovoltaics (PV), and other distributed energy resources (DERs) enable businesses to power critical equipment during grid outages, avoid spikes in energy prices, reduce costly utility charges based on grid demand peaks, and earn payments through demand response and other incentive programs.

How Enel X Connects Businesses to Energy Storage


Modeling the Right System

Enel X’s energy experts will model the right energy storage or solar+storage system to accommodate your facilities’ operational needs.

Providing Financing, Installation, and Operation Options

Enel X offers flexible financing options to help customers integrate DERs based on their financial needs, and will oversee the integration of the technology into your facility.

Real-Time Optimization to Maximize Value 

Enel X’s DER Optimization Software automatically transitions a facility’s load onto DERs when it will create the most value, such as withstanding a grid outage, earning demand response payments, or avoiding costly demand charges.

With the flexibility of Enel X’s solution, we can participate in the summer DMP program and then use the energy storage systems to reduce demand charges during the off-season.

Senior Vice President of Management Glenwood Management

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