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How Enel X's DER.OS Software Maximizes the Value of Battery Energy Storage

A battery is only as good as the software that runs it.

As more organizations install energy assets on-site, they need intelligent software to automatically manage all of their solutions. Enel X’s industry-leading DER Optimization Software coordinates your system to maximize savings from batteries, solar, backup generation, electric vehicle charging, and more.


DER.OS is a scalable management software system designed to maximize the economic value of distributed energy resources. DER.OS monitors, communicates with, and controls your energy network, interfacing with site-level and cloud-based systems simultaneously to deliver maximum benefit to your organization. No matter what resources you have, DER.OS optimizes across all value streams to:


  • Predict system peaks and minimize demand charges 
  • Analyze grid conditions and forecast facility load to maximize savings
  • Store excess on-site solar energy to deploy when time-of-use rates are highest
  • Participate in grid programs like demand response creating an additional revenue stream for your facility



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