Enel X Circular Economy Score

Enel X Circular Economy Score

We have created a new method for measuring the circularity level of our solutions by combining the five Circular Economy business models with Enel X’s five key dimensions

Enel X’s circularity solutions

Find out about our products and their levels of circularity, which are calculated on the basis of Circular Economy principles. Of fundamental importance are factors such as the use of recyclable or biodegradable materials, renewable energy consumption at production sites, the use of shared platforms and the value added to products which will go on to new manufacturing processes at the end of their life cycle.

Circular Economy Score
LED lighting
Circular Economy Score
Demand Response
Circular Economy Score


Articles, details, case studies and videos about how to use Enel X’s energy as efficiently as possible

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The circular economy at the core of Enel X

The future of the economy is circular. Enel X has placed this model at the centre of its strategy with the aim of accelerating and multiplying the benefits for clients and suppliers. The advantages do not only concern the environment, but also economic growth and new business opportunities

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New Report On Electric Vehicles From A Life Cycle & Circular Economy Perspective

Prior to the Danish government’s recent climate plan, the Danish Climate Council released a report from which I highlighted a comparison of total vehicle lifetime emissions of different vehicle types.

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Circular economy: Enel X’s five business models

The circular economy is founded on five keystones that Enel has placed at the core of its global strategy in order to offers its customers cutting-edge, sustainable solutions: from Demand Response to integrated public lighting and e-vehicle charging systems