Demand Response

Demand Response

What we offer

Enel X offers an innovative service called Demand Response that allows commercial and industrial consumers to access the dispatching services market (MSD) by modulating their own energy consumption, with the aim of meeting electricity supply/demand peaks, thereby allowing for greater flexibility and network stability.  The capacity offered to the market, especially if it features a high degree of flexibility and is managed in an aggregate form, takes on significant systemic and economic importance for consumers.


The regulatory context

As in most of the other European countries, in Italy ARERA (Regulatory Authority for Energy Networks and Environment) has initiated a gradual process of opening the market towards demand, non-relevant supply and storage solutions, through the enactment of dedicated resolutions and the organisation, by Terna, of pilot projects (UVAC - Aggregate Virtual Consumption Units, UVAP - Aggregated Virtual Production Units, UVAM - Aggregate Virtual Mixed Units).


The typical flow of Demand Response

1.  Terna, as grid operator, foresees a problem with grid stability and requests the issue of a balancing order from the aggregator.

2. The aggregator modulates the load and/or generation of its client portfolio to increase or decrease the use of energy.

3. The clients implement (manually or automatically) the modulation plans.

4. The load decrease or increase is used by the grid operator (Terna).

5. The clients receive compensation for any modulation carried out.


Who is the Demand Response service for?

The Demand Response service offered by Enel X is for commercial and industrial customers belonging to different product sectors. In fact, the size of the site is irrelevant, as even smaller-sized customers can participate when managed in an aggregate manner.



The Demand Response service offered by Enel X makes it possible to:

  • Access a new source of profit that never existed until now by participating in the dispatching services market (MSD);
  • Become an active participant within the national electricity system;
  • Enhance your own power generation system by feeding more energy into the grid or by reducing consumption;
  • Have improved opportunities to enhance your consumption resources;
  • Be more aware of the intrinsic flexibility of your industrial process;
  • Participate in a more sustainable system from an environmental point of view.


It is important to know that in order to participate in the Demand Response program, you do not have to interrupt consumption, but must guarantee a certain degree of modulation.


Which are the types of offer?

Enel X's commercial offer is customised according to the characteristics of each individual customer. The remuneration scheme envisaged by the UVAM pilot project set up by Terna currently includes two items:

  • A fixed remuneration which is directly proportional to the capacity made available for modulation, awarded through an auction;
  • A variable remuneration deriving from operations within the MSD (Dispatching Services Market).


Why choose Enel X's Demand Response?

We are a global Demand Response operator and the leader in the field in Italy, present in 11 countries and with more than 6,000 MW of flexible capacity managed, coming from more than 14,000 commercial and industrial sites.

We have a team which is exclusively dedicated to supporting customers in the collection of the technical material necessary for identifying the most suitable industrial processes for power modulation, perform a standard preliminary analysis on the main features of the site concerned, followed by a more in-depth analysis of the industrial processes involved in order to identify the individual flexible loads.

We use a technologically advanced smart platform to manage the Demand Response services that uses advanced algorithms able to select the optimal technical/economic solution, thereby offering the customer maximum revenue and the network operator maximum security.

We manage the service with an operations centre available 7 days a week, 365 days a year, as well as automated notification services for balancing-order reception via SMS/email and a dedicated application.


How to request the service

To request further information or directly request the service, please fill in the online form. Our experts are available to explain the service and answer all of your questions.

Circular economy score

The circularity level of Demand Response services varies from country to country and customer to customer. This means it is not possible to apply a single unequivocal score. Once Demand Response programmes are activated by a customer, however, it will be possible to calculate their score using indicators that take said variables into account.
Demand Response can potentially achieve a score of up to 5: this solution is characterised by products with a high standard of circularity in most of the primary criteria and the dimensions under analysis.

How circular is Demand Response?
Our Demand Response service makes the grid more flexible and stable, and also helps:
To support the decarbonisation of the economy by participating in a more environmentally sustainable system
To add value to your own electricity self-production system
To add value to your consumption resources.
The Demand Response service offered by Enel X corresponds to 2 of the Circular Economy’s 5 business models:
Sustainable inputs
managing the unpredictable and intermittent nature of renewables, boosting integration and ensuring grid flexibility and reliability
Sharing platform
Rather than regulating the energy supply, Demand Response enables customers to regulate their demand for energy, allowing them to share their capacity reserve and make it available to the grid.

Material inputs

% di riciclo a fine vita 90 %
Elettronica ABB contatore ALGO2
6,5 %
3,2 %
Componenti elettriche
2,6 %
2,0 %
Circuito Stampato
0,7 %
% di riciclo a fine vita 12 %
0,5 %
% di riciclo a fine vita 7 %
% Materials % di riciclo a fine vita
Ferro 84,5%
90 %
Elettronica ABB contatore ALGO2 6,5 %
Cavo 3,2 %
Componenti elettriche 2,6 %
Alluminio 2,0 %
Circuito Stampato 0,7 %
12 %
PPC 0,5 %
7 %

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