Cogeneration and Trigeneration

Cogeneration and Trigeneration

Through its subsidiaries, Enel X offers a turnkey service that includes the design, construction, management and maintenance of cogeneration and trigeneration plants, following the ESCO (Energy Service Company) formula.

We scale the size of the plant to maximise savings and, at the same time, take full advantage of all potential sources of flexibility that the context is able to offer (e.g. Virtually Aggregated Mixed Units - UVAM).

Cogeneration and trigeneration plants, thanks to the combined production of cooling, heat and electric energy, can generate increased energy efficiency compared with separate production, and this means lower energy costs.

The sectors in which cogeneration and trigeneration offer the greatest benefits are: healthcare, agriculture and food production, hotels, sports and wellness centres, shopping centres, as well as the paper, textile, chemical, petrochemical and plastics industries.

Thanks to its subsidiaries, Enel X is also able to revamp existing cogeneration plants and take over the running or maintenance of plants that are already operative.


The ESCO Formula

The ESCO formula involves the stipulation of a customisable supply contract, in which the Client is relieved of any financial and operating cost for the construction and management of the plant, and is thus able to focus specifically on its own core business.

The energy supply contract involves:

  • The supply of cooling, heating and electric energy for the duration of the contract with respect to minimum supply levels
  • Guaranteed savings on a predefined volume of energy (this is unrelated to the effective functioning of the plant).
  • Evolved pricing indexed to the reference values for the electricity and gas markets
  • The possibility to implement strategic price fixing operations during the contracted supply period and/or renegotiations during the year based on reliable market references
  • The possibility for the Client to renew the energy supply contract or purchase the machinery for a symbolic sum at the end of the contract
  • Margin Sharing of any incremental benefits.



  • No initial investment required from the client, thereby freeing up resources for the client’s own production activities
  • Optimisation of energy costs with a saving of up to 30%
  • Management of all phases of the project (design, construction, management and maintenance), the obtainment of permits and energy efficiency certificates as part of a “turnkey service”
  • Monitoring and remote control from the control centre in order to intervene to resolve malfunctions and maximise the plant’s benefits to the client
  • A contractual structure that, in accordance with the principles of the IAS/IFRS (International Accountancy Standards/International Financial Reporting Standards) means the client does not need to classify the project as leasing


Why choose Enel X

  • A 360° partner in energy efficiency projects because we pinpoint the best solutions to optimise the Client’s entire energy ecosystem
  • A broad range of technological expertise capable of integrating technologies and tools into the same project  
  •  holistic view of the project activating potential levers of flexibility


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