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How to monitor energy consumption in your company?

Consumption monitoring is the first step to energy efficiency. Today, it can be achieved with an Energy Management System (EMS), a digital platform that allows medium - to large-companies to gather, analyze and compare data on consumption of electricity, gas, and water use across all their systems. 
The software notifies the user when the level of consumption changes and can automatically suggest steps to take to optimize consumption. For this reason, an EMS is a platform that helps a company or business achieve its energy efficiency goals. An intelligent Energy Monitoring System can also flag any faults in real time, and indicate what energy-saving measures will solve the problem.

Moreover, it can provide Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), such as patterns relating to specific areas of energy consumption, intensity of energy usage and other indicators that can be of use in setting energy targets. 


An EMS can be supported by other analytical tools that are useful to monitor energy consumption and improve efficiency, based on the most appropriate strategies. 


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Soluția de management al energiei

Energy management solution

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Other analytical tools are designed specifically to help companies fight climate change, but are useful for energy monitoring as well. A sustainability report informs stakeholders inside the company about concrete steps it is taking to reduce emissions, which usually includes energy efficiency. 
Setting science-based targets to reach Net Zero nearly always include steps to cut energy waste and improve efficiency. Lastly, non profit organizations like the Carbon Disclosure Project dedicated to helping companies achieve their climate goals and energy efficiency can help with info and technical expertise.