Utility Bill Management

Simplify Invoice Payments, Sustainability Reporting and Strategic Energy Supply Management

Streamlined Bill Payment and Line-item Detail of Utility Use Across the Enterprise

Making the right energy decisions, reporting sustainability progress, reducing commodity costs and waste, and continually monitoring progress—whether at the enterprise level or on a site-by site-basis—comes down to understanding and managing each and every utility bill. With Utility Bill Management, you get more than an automated invoice processing and payment service, you get the keys to managing your energy portfolio—and every other commodity you care to track—in one easy-to-use platform. And with Bill Pay, you can eliminate the administrative burden of paying invoices while eliminating late fees in the process.

$700M paid to customers since 2015
Data for Every Decision Maker
Sustainability Manager
Energy use and emissions data backed by robust, easy-to-generate reporting to meet industry standards including CDP, RE100, ENERGY STAR, GRESB, EU ETS, GRI, NGERS, SASB, UK CRC, and more.

Energy Manager

Site-level and enterprise-wide energy use, cost, and performance data—centralized, up-to-date, and at your fingertips.

Finance Manager

Accurate, digitized costs, accruals, and liabilities—delivered in the appropriate AP file—streamlines payment and removes cost while ensuring you are paying the right amount on time every time. And with Bill Pay, your accounts payable team no longer has to handle invoice payment, freeing them up for more important projects.

A Single, Comprehensive Platform

Manage every type of commodity bill—and all the reporting entailed—across states, regions, and countries from the convenience of one powerful and highly configurable platform.

Automated, On-Time Payments

With UBM’s Bill Pay feature, Enel X issues payments on a daily basis to any of your vendors. Enel X shares late payment risk, relieving companies of the financial burden associated with late fees.

Global Data Conversion

Utility Bill Management from Enel X simplifies global reporting on commodity cost, use, and spend by seamlessly converting any unit of measure into the desired output. Report with ease on any commodity unit in any currency.

Sustainability Tracking

Utility Bill Management provides a single source to analyze portfolio-wide data from energy, water, and other utility bills to assess sustainability performance, identify areas for improvement, and establish key performance indicators. Enel X’s customizable solution ensures compliance with benchmarking laws and regulatory regimes while streamlining the calculation and reporting of GHG emissions.

Portfolio Performance Monitoring

Utility Bill Management makes it easy for you to identify areas of high energy cost and consumption across your portfolio, prioritize cost reductions, and create reports exactly as you want them. Enel X’s solution offers powerful reporting and business intelligence tools to customize and track KPI’s—such as kWh/widget produced, or gallon of water/tenant in any given month.

Cost-Crushing Automation and Efficiency

Utility Bill Management digitizes manual processes and delivers custom AP files to take time and cost out of the invoice-to-payment cycle, while boosting billing accuracy and on-time payment. With support for advanced budgeting, accruals, and alerts, Enel X’s solution helps you focus on the bottom line.

Customer Spotlights

Brunswick Corporation

Brunswick used Enel X’s Utility Bill Management platform to simplify utility invoice processing and track their emissions levels.

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General Motors

One of the world’s largest auto manufacturers streamlined utility bill management and saved over $49 million with Enel X.

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Boston Properties

With Enel X, BXP has streamlined bill payment, improved financial performance, increased staff productivity, and facilitated its sustainability goals.

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Enel X provided our bank a global UBM service, which supported ISO 14064 certification, energy performance and benchmarking, and utility bill auditing. They have solved data collection requirements ranging from the interception of in-country bills to automated data feeds from utility data services.

Global Head of Energy and Sustainability, Deutsche Bank

Enel X is a CDP Gold Accredited Renewable Energy Solutions Provider

Find out how Enel X and CDP help to promote transparency in environmental performance data, and learn how Enel X’s advisory services can help you decarbonize your energy supply.

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