Demand Management

Because There’s More to Energy Costs than the Price of Supply. A Lot More.

Reduce Your Total Energy Spend with Smarter Energy Use

Demand management programs reduce a company’s total cost of energy by addressing the array of demand, capacity, time-of-use, and other charges responsible for inflating your energy bill. What’s more, demand management takes advantage of your facility’s existing flexibility, with no capital investment required. Managing these charges effectively requires deep market analysis and understanding, tactical execution excellence, and an integrated master plan designed just for you. Enel X has you covered.

Reduce Your Total Energy Spend with Smarter Energy Use

Transmission and distribution (T&D) costs are the key driver behind rising demand charges. To manage these charges, Enel X provides:

Holistic planning customized to your needs

Enel X works with customers to assess energy-savings opportunities within the context of their business, developing the right plan to reduce energy use and cost in support of operational excellence.

Tactical expertise to execute your plan

Demand management isn’t one thing – it’s many interdependent tactics intentionally deployed to reduce energy cost, from peak-demand and capacity-charge management, to demand response and tariff optimization. We’re fluent in each and experts in all to maximize your benefit.

Comprehensive, complementary technologies

Demand management is intelligence-based, nimble and active. Enel X brings comprehensive, complementary solutions to demand management, from utility bill management to energy storage and back-up generation, to deliver the operational agility needed to maximize energy savings.

Customer Spotlights

Oil & Gas

See how an oil & gas company in Virginia found $800,000 in annual savings with better demand management.

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Wholesale Bakery

Enel X helped a wholesale bakery save 14% each year on its annual energy bills while simultaneously earning significant demand response payments.

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