Risk Management

Risk Management

Manage Exposure to Energy Price and Market Risks

Manage Energy Risk to Improve Profitability

Energy can account for as much as 20% of operating costs and leaves your organization exposed to risk from several sources, such as market volatility, shifting regulations, and extreme weather.

Whether your primary objective is budget certainty or lower costs, exposure to energy risk can prevent your organization from achieving its goals.

Our team of energy market experts will develop an energy risk management strategy that aligns with your financial and operational priorities. Our world-class technology solutions enable our teams to monitor the market and ensure your organization buys the right energy supply contracts at the right times.

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Build the Best Strategy with Our Advisory Services

Successfully managing energy risk requires deep knowledge of market dynamics and contract structures. Without that expertise, you can end up depleting your team's resources or, worse, failing to manage that risk and exposing your organization to higher energy costs. Our energy supply experts help you assess budget and market risk to execute a strategy that gets you the best price on the right terms for your business. 

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Develop Data-Driven Budgets and Forecasts

Accurate budgets require trustworthy data on energy expense and the risk factors that could affect it. Our solutions provide the right data to establish an informed budget down to the individual business unit, then help you project future expenses and calculate accruals prior to receiving a bill—so your business is never surprised by a monthly bill.

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Use Renewable Energy to Hedge Against Risk

In addition to the sustainability benefits, renewable energy can enable your organization to manage risk on the energy markets. We help you navigate the increasingly complex world of renewable energy options to find the investments that best benefit your business.

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Make the Right Purchases at the Right Times

Few businesses have the resources to monitor the energy markets and make strategic purchasing decisions while focusing on their core competencies. Our solutions make it easy to execute your energy risk management strategy, with access to expert insights on market activity and alerts to ensure you purchase supply contracts when market conditions align with your risk profile.

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Energy management comes down to analyzing cost and risk on an ongoing basis, and Enel X was our trusted advisor throughout the whole process.

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Demand Response

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Utility Bill Management

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Demand Management

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Improve Communication Across Teams and Facilities

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