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What are the advantages of an energy management system (EMS)?

Because it monitors energy use in real time, an Energy Management System (EMS) provides a major benefit in improving energy efficiency. Most companies, in actual fact, spend thousands of euros on their energy bills without being aware of which factors are contributing to excessive consumption or which production areas they can focus on to reduce waste and polluting emissions. An EMS software makes optimization „suggestions” to deliver efficient and more sustainable consumption.

An EMS provides several beneficial services. Here are a few:

  • Remotely monitors consumption round the clock, so that a user can intervene immediately to stay on track to reach targets.
  • Comparisons between energy spends at the business’s various sites help trouble-shoot waste to improve performance.
  • Consumption and cost forecasts make it easier to plan for fluctuations, thereby avoiding peak times.
  • Benchmarking analyses that help a company adopt best practices compared to competitors.

All of these services translate into energy and financial savings benefits. This in turn makes it easier for companies to get closer to achieving the sustainability goals that are now deemed vital for any successful, forward-looking business.

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