Architectural lighting

Architectural lighting

Shedding light on beauty

Every city, no matter how big or small, has its own unique and priceless artistic and architectural heritage.

Enel believes that this legacy needs be maintained and valued to preserve and enhance the beauty of our local areas in one simple but incredibly effective way: lighting.

New light that will not just show off the city to its best but also help give it a new face, transforming urban spaces, injecting new life into previously undervalued areas, bringing impetus to cultural and tourism development and creating new energy for the urban ecosystem.

All with a constant focus on new technologies and energy efficiency through interventions that will deliver energy savings of up to 80%.

  • 30+ years of experience in the sector of artistic lighting
  • More than 1,500 artistic and architectural lighting projects completed around the world  


Our mission

Light as a complement

Maximising visual comfort through optimal colour resolution and also improving the usability of the lit spaces

Skill and innovation

Pinpointing the best technical proposal in product terms whilst still fully respecting the surrounding architectural context

Quality design

Integrating the solutions with their contexts and with structural elements – everything from areas for socialising to collective functions, from green systems to furniture pieces, through bespoke-conceived and designed systems


Areas of application

Enel X’s lighting designers can work their magic on any part or element of the city; they can draw on an extensive portfolio of flexible solutions developed to meet needs and suit contexts of all kinds

Enel X does not simply create permanent projects, it also develops temporary lighting designs to add beauty or impact to special initiatives: from campaigns promoting specific themes to celebrations of festive occasions.

The Enel X approach

Enel X can support all and any phase of your project: from designing the idea, to analysing financing possibilities to creating the project itself, supplying materials, installations, coordinating the work and servicing the hardware.

For every intervention based around the Enel X philosophy we guarantee:  

  • We will pioneer and use the very latest technologies and solutions: we use cutting-edge devices and systems to optimise, control, digitalise and customise the new lighting system
  • Maximum energy efficiency: we pinpoint and deliver the largest possible energy savings, thereby eliminating waste and helping to reduce light pollution
  • Artistic mastery and a refined design philosophy:  experience, technical skills and an expert architectural lighting team guarantee superb quality combined with a “softly-softly” approach that avoids invasive impacts and prioritises the enhancement of the monument’s implicit beauty



A methodology that has been honed over the years and combines many different elements while pursuing a lean, results-oriented approach:  

Architectural lighting: our winning aspects

  • In-depth knowledge of Italian local and nationwide context
  • Varied and flexible range of solutions
  • Quality, internationally-acknowledged projects  
  • Maximum innovation through the use of cutting-edge solutions and equipment
  • Constant focus on energy efficiency and consumption reduction  
  • End-to-end approach: from definition of the design idea to the maintenance of the new system  
  • A lean, results-oriented approach
  • Team of expert lighting designers, lighting technicians, architects and art historians whose skills and knowledge is widely acknowledged throughout Italy

Resources for your city

Find out how to use Enel X's energy as efficiently as possible


Palazzo dei Normanni turns blue

The temporary illumination of the Royal Palace of Palermo


The path of light in the MAAM gardens

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New light for Palazzo Borromeo

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