Vivi Meglio: the new energy that your building needs.

Vivi Meglio: the new energy that your building needs.

Choose Enel X's energy efficiency and seismic upgrade offer for your apartment building, so as to make your building more efficient, increase its value and reduce the upgrade costs from the outset.

All the benefits of the offer

Immediate access to tax incentives

Reduce or eliminate the cost of building upgrades through tax incentives and the possibility to transfer tax credits or to opt for the invoice discount.

Energy bill savings

Lower your energy bills and CO2 emissions by reducing consumption.

Increase the value of your building

Grow the value of your building by improving its energy rating, appearance and by making it a safer place to live.

Do you want to know how much you could save?

Answer the questions to find out which would be the most suitable upgrades for your building and the financial benefits they would bring. Find out how to reduce, or even eliminate, the cost of the upgrades through tax credit transfers or invoice discounts.

Start the simulation

Find the solution that’s right for you

A solution for every need.

Apartment building resident

Do you want to upgrade your building? Find out how to receive our dedicated offering.

Building manager

With Enel X, carrying out energy efficiency and seismic upgrades on the building you manage has never been easier or more affordable.


Become a partner of Enel X, offer added value to your customers and increase the opportunities for your business.


Articles, case studies and videos to use Enel X energy in the most efficient way


How to access the FER Decree's renewable energy incentives

What it covers, how it works and how to access the FER Decree's renewable energy concessions


Home Together, the house of the future with Enel X

Enel X showcased the company’s range of integrated energy efficiency solutions at Home Together 2020, the trade fair organised by Gabetti and dedicated to sustainable housing. Enel X is the event’s main partner.


How solar thermal energy systems work and why they are worth installing

Solar energy has many advantages. Installing a solar thermal energy system, for instance, will save you money on your bills, protect the environment and provide you with hot water even when the grid is experiencing problems

All your questions answered

Find out how to best use the energy of Enel X

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