Enel X, accelerating circularity

Enel X, accelerating circularity

Eco-design-focused technological solutions centred around renewable energies and recyclable materials. This is Enel X’s sustainable innovation in action: an ever-evolving circular laboratory.

What is the circular economy?

An economic paradigm that rethinks linear consumer models, reducing waste and encouraging the reuse of materials. It is based on five pillars: sustainable inputs, the extension of the useful life of products, sharing platforms, products as services and end-of-life management. Enel X is establishing itself as a Booster or accelerator of the circular culture and sustainable innovation within the new circular ecosystem of its suppliers and clients, and is carving out an innovative and unique role in the market while doing so.

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Enel X’s approach to the Circular Economy

Taking its inspiration from the five Business Models of the Circular Economy, Enel X is establishing itself as a booster or accelerator of the circular culture and sustainable innovation within the ecosystem of its suppliers, partners, installers and clients. Our philosophy involves accelerating circularity levels through our Circular Economy Boosting Program, which we not only apply to the solutions in our portfolio and which produces verified scores, but also export beyond our borders, offering industrial clients and public administrations the opportunity to obtain an Energy Circularity Report that measures energy circularity and identifies a structured road map to existing levels through a series of innovative solutions.

Circular Economy Scoring

Enel X measures and accelerates the circularity

of its own solutions, of your company and your city

Enel X Circular Economy Score

Find out how we measure the level of circularity of our products

Are you a company?

Find out how we measure and accelerate the circularity of your company through the Circular Economy Report

Are you a Municipality?

Find out how we measure and accelerate the energy circularity of the municipalities through the Circular Energy Report

Enel X’s circularity solutions

Find out about our products and their circularity level, which is calculated using Circular Economy principles as a basis

Circular Economy Score
LED lighting
Circular Economy Score
Demand Response
Circular Economy Score

Find out about Enel X’s commitment to reducing plastic leakage

Enel X has decided to take part in the Plastic Leak Project organised by Quantis, a multi-stakeholder round table which aims to use scientific methods to quantify the problem of plastic waste.

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Stories Circular economy

The circular economy at the core of Enel X

The future of the economy is circular. Enel X has placed this model at the centre of its strategy with the aim of accelerating and multiplying the benefits for clients and suppliers. The advantages do not only concern the environment, but also economic growth and new business opportunities

news circular economy

New Report On Electric Vehicles From A Life Cycle & Circular Economy Perspective

Prior to the Danish government’s recent climate plan, the Danish Climate Council released a report from which I highlighted a comparison of total vehicle lifetime emissions of different vehicle types.

focus on circular economy

Circular economy: Enel X’s five business models

The circular economy is founded on five keystones that Enel has placed at the core of its global strategy in order to offers its customers cutting-edge, sustainable solutions: from Demand Response to integrated public lighting and e-vehicle charging systems