Energy efficiency solutions


Energy efficiency means the capacity to exploit energy in an optimal way.

In an increasingly complex world, energy efficiency is a forward-looking approach that optimises resources and increases awareness concerning their consumption.

There are many different paths that can be pursued in order to achieve results in terms of energy efficiency, specific approaches can be tailored for each industrial organisation.


Advantages for clients

Through optimal use of all resources we will not only help you spend less but also safeguard the environment by cutting CO2 emissions.

Enel X will guide your company through this process by offering solutions tailored around every requirement.

Through an energy diagnosis we will analyse the company’s consumption, working towards a joint assessment of the areas requiring specific interventions, such as LED lighting and heat pumps. In this way we can work together to achieve the aim of energy efficiency. 

Other products for your company

Heat pumps

In order to incentivise the use of electrical applications, which consequently helps safeguard the environment, Enel X promotes the use of heat pumps for heating indoor spaces

Demand Response

Enel X offers an innovative service called Demand Response that allows commercial and industrial consumers to access the dispatching services market (MSD) by modulating their own energy consumption, with the aim of meeting electricity supply/demand peaks, thereby allowing for greater flexibility and network stability

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