Energy Efficiency for Service Industry

Energy Efficiency for Service Industry

Enel X designs and develops energy efficiency measures aimed at increasing comfort levels in internal areas, as well as reducing energy consumption and the environmental impact in the transition towards carbon neutrality.

Through in-depth analysis, technical surveys, simulations conducted by our Energy Analysts, and using a data-driven approach, we identify the most suitable solution and technology for guaranteeing maximum comfort, taking into consideration a possible integration with the existing facility set-up and facilitating the electrification of consumption.

From the identification of the intervention measure to the building and optimised management of the facility, Enel X offers a turnkey service that guarantees performance through flexible business models tailor-made to meet the client's needs.


Intervention areas

The principal areas for improvements in energy efficiency within the tertiary sector relate to heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems and lighting.

Hospitals, hotels, sports centres, supermarkets and large retailers all have a common objective: to provide a comfortable experience for their guests and visitors; a feeling of well-being that's provided by comfortable temperature levels all year round, as well as good lighting in internal areas.

Furthermore, with our Comfort Management software, we're able to guarantee the optimum performance of the improved efficiency systems in real time by controlling the heating systems remotely.



The main contract type offered is the Energy Performance Contract, whereby Enel X, via its subsidiaries, offers the client a long-term turnkey service which also includes the investment costs. Over the period of the contract Enel X remotely manages the facility: it takes care of maintenance, guarantees project performance and is remunerated via a fee that corresponds to the energy savings directly obtained from the implemented energy efficiency intervention measures. Through this approach, the client receives a tailor-made energy service without having to commit capital and resources, and without bearing any technological or financial risks.


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Energy Efficiency for industries

Energy Efficiency for industries

Enel X is the ideal partner for companies keen not just on reducing their energy consumption, but also their environmental impact as they transition towards carbon neutrality and the circular economy.