Photovoltaic and Storage

Photovoltaic and Storage

Enel X is at your company’s side along your journey to sustainability, activating customised strategies and providing solutions to reduce CO2 emissions and energy costs, by using renewable sources.

Enel X builds “turnkey” photovoltaic systems tailored to each client’s needs, handling feasibility studies, design (including administrative and bureaucratic requirements), installation and activation.

Clients may choose from different formulas:


The Formulas

  • Sale: Enel X plans and builds a “turnkey” system, handling every stage of the process, from feasibility study to design, installation and activation. Clients have the option to pay in instalments.
  • ESCo: Enel X designs, builds and manages the system for the duration of the contract (10 to 20 years), and is paid according to the electricity the client produces and consumes. At the end of the contract, the ownership of the system is transferred to the client.

The formula includes all post-sales maintenance and energy management services.


Post-sales services

Enel X offers a range of post-sales services for the maintenance and optimal use of photovoltaic systems, which may also be purchased individually.


Maintenance services:

  • Preventative, planned and problem-solving maintenance services
  • Management of replacement parts through a virtual storeroom
  • Management of incentives and relationships with institutions

Energy management services:

  • Advanced monitoring, performance control and predictive maintenance
  • Algorithmic programming of the system’s production, grid withdrawal and feed-in
  • Management of excess withdrawal
  • Best use of surplus energy 


Enel X offer for therenewable energy sources decree

Enel X helps its clients maximise the advantages of Italy’s Renewable Energy Sources Decree (Decreto FER, i.e. Fonti Energie Rinnovabili), with a comprehensive offer combining the installation of a photovoltaic system with charging stations for e-vehicles and, where necessary, removal of asbestos from the roof. All with a single contact person to guide them through the process.

Enel X provides client support from the very start, managing the process for the incentive request and preparing all the required paperwork. Enel X can also act as a system aggregator to allow clients privileged access to registration procedures.

Once funding has been granted, Enel X builds the photovoltaic system and manages – on behalf of the client – the sale of any excess energy to GSE (Gestore dei Servizi Energetici, the State-controlled Energy Services Operator), in accordance with tariffs set by the Decree.

Other products for your company

Cogeneration and Trigeneration

Cogeneration and Trigeneration

Through its subsidiaries, Enel X offers customers a turnkey service for the supply of electricity, heat and refrigeration from natural gas cogeneration and/or trigeneration plants using two different formulas created ad hoc on the basis of the customer's needs

Demand Response

Demand Response

Enel X offers an innovative service called Demand Response that allows commercial and industrial consumers to access the dispatching services market (MSD) by modulating their own energy consumption, with the aim of meeting electricity supply/demand peaks, thereby allowing for greater flexibility and network stability

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