Photovoltaic and Storage

Photovoltaic and Storage

Enel X can guide your company on its path towards sustainability, implementing bespoke strategies, providing solutions for cutting CO2 emissions and energy costs, as well as utilising energy from renewable sources.

Enel X creates “turnkey” photovoltaic (PV) systems tailored to the needs of the client, taking care of the feasibility studies, design (including the necessary administrative and bureaucratic procedures), the installation and activation of the plant. Clients can choose from a range of different formulas.


The Formulas

  • Purchase: Enel X designs and constructs the “turnkey” plant, taking care of everything from the feasibility study to the design, the installation and activation of the plant.
  • ESCo* (Energy Service Company): through its subsidiaries, Enel X designs, constructs and manages the plant for the entire duration of the contract (from 10 to 20 years), receiving a fee linked to the electric energy produced and consumed by the client. At the end of the contract the client becomes the owner of the plant.
  • Financing: Customers can either pay in instalments through Enel X or else they can obtain financing through one of our partners on special terms. Furthermore, they can, thanks to the Crowdfunding October platform, let private investors know about their project in order to finance it quickly and digitally. It only takes a few clicks to find out whether your company qualifies for this.

The formula also includes all of the post-sales services of maintenance and energy management.


Post-sales services

Enel X offers a series of post-sales services to ensure the PV plant’s maintenance and to optimise its use. These services can also be purchased individually.

Maintenance services:

  • Preventative, cyclical and extraordinary maintenance and repair services
  • Management of spare parts with the virtual warehouse
  • Management of incentives and relationships with the relevant institutions

Energy Management Services:

  • Advanced monitoring, performance control and predictive maintenance
  • Algorithm-assisted programming of plant production, energy fed into and withdrawn from the grid
  • Management of excess energy
  • Extraction of maximum value from surplus energy production


The Enel X offer concerning the FER Decree

Enel X helps clients to maximise the benefits of the FER (Fonti Energetiche Rinnovabili: Renewable Energy Sources) Decree with an integrated offer that makes it possible, through a single partner, to combine the installation of a photovoltaic system with charging columns for electric vehicles and (when necessary) the removal of asbestos from the roof of the site.

Enel X is able to support the client right from the initial phase of managing the procedures to access the incentives, preparing all of the necessary documentation. Enel X can also act as an aggregator for several plants, enabling the client to gain priority access to the registry procedure. Once funding has been awarded, Enel X will construct the photovoltaic plant and, on behalf of the client, manage the sale of excess energy to GSE, the Energy Services Manager, based on the FER tariffs.


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*The ESCo formula is offered through Enel X’s subsidiaries.

Other services for your company

Cogeneration and Trigeneration

Cogeneration and Trigeneration

Through its subsidiaries, Enel X offers customers a turnkey service for the supply of electricity, heat and refrigeration from natural gas cogeneration and/or trigeneration plants using two different formulas created ad hoc on the basis of the customer's needs

Demand Response

Demand Response

Enel X offers an innovative service called Demand Response which enables commercial and industrial consumers to access the dispatching services market (MSD, or “Mercato Servizi Dispacciamento”) by modulating their own energy consumption.