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Taiwan's energy transition is accelerating

The surge in demand for renewable energy in Taiwan has been led by governmental policy drivers, waves of regulatory reforms and businesses. As the local design and manufacturing hub of many global companies, going green in Taiwan is critical for businesses to achieve net zero emissions. 38% of RE100 members depend on Taiwan to achieve 100% renewable electricity globally.

Taiwan’s renewable energy transformation journey

Taiwan’s renewable energy transformation is being led by strong policy drivers and corporate leadership. The Electricity Act that passed in 2017 specifically deregulated the retail sector for renewable energy traders. In 2019, Taiwan mandated a national target to achieve 27GW of renewable energy sources by 2025. The next wave of reforms followed when Taiwan announced the Major Electricity Consumer regulation in January 2021, which requires major energy users to install 10% of renewable energy power sources within five years. On Earth Day 2021, Taiwan’s president declared the country will pursue net zero emissions by 2050.

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The march towards RE100

Taiwan’s national renewable energy policy has been backed by corporate efforts to go green. Today there are 300 companies committed to RE100, and 38% of these members depend on Taiwan to achieve 100% renewable electricity for their global operations. Taiwan is heading towards a tipping point for accelerated renewable growth. To make this transition work, we need to build new forms of power capacity that can ensure the reliability of the power grid while balancing the natural variability of renewable power sources.

Virtual Power Plants and Demand Response

A Virtual Power Plant (VPP) is a collection of distributed energy assets including batteries, generators and onsite equipment that are aggregated to support the grid with dispatchable capacity. The VPP aggregates these assets to participate in Demand Response and Ancillary Services programs. Businesses contribute their capacity by being flexible with when they use grid power, they do this by either powering down or switching to backup power sources in response to a grid signal. This enables more efficient use of energy infrastructure, while helping to guarantee power quality and grid security.

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