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Who We Are

Backed by Enel, one of the world’s 100 largest companies, we are leading the global energy transformation.


The Enel Group

Our company is leading this energy transformation, thanks to its ability to provide a widespread and effective response to all the challenges mentioned: the energy transition, decarbonization, and new customer needs.

Enel X Taiwan

We help businesses decarbonize, digitalize and electrify energy use to drive sustainability and reduce costs. 


Enel X became Taiwan’s first Demand Response aggregator in 2017, delivering 138MW for Taipower Company’s demand response audit.  We were also the first to participate in Taiwan’s first open market, the Day-ahead Ancillary Service Market, which provides flexible capacity to support the grid, while earning customers a new revenue stream.  Enel X Taiwan is a Qualified Servicing Entity in TPC’s Energy Trading Platform. 

Who we are: Our commitment

Our commitment

Enel X was born with a clear vision: to improve people's daily lives, giving everyone the possibility to make advantageous energy choices, with awareness. We combine the solidity and reliability of the Enel Group with a continuous drive toward innovation to support the energy transition. For our partners and customers, we provide simple, accessible, and extremely effective solutions, providing them with full control of their energy management and thus optimizing spending and consumption. All this is made possible thanks to an integrated system of easy-to-adopt, accessible and sustainable solutions, focused on the needs of people, businesses and institutions around the world.

Our Vision

Enel X improves people’s daily lives by enabling everyone to actively make better energy choices.

Our Mission

To provide an ecosystem of integrated solutions easily adoptable by everyone and designed on the needs of people, governments and businesses, enabling them to actively make better energy choices and foreseeing all future possibilities.

More competitiveness for companies

Join us and become a catalyst for electric mobility around the world

More competitiveness for companies

We work with commercial and industrial companies so that they can make profitable and sustainable choices, having full control of their energy assets, and thus we help them achieve their decarbonisation goals. We offer an ecosystem of solutions that increase competitiveness and optimize energy expenditure, with customized and extremely advantageous financing options.