Photovoltaic system simulator

Photovoltaic system simulator

Choose the green energy of a photovoltaic system to power your business. Discover the advantages with a few clicks.

Enel X launches Homix, the Smart Home ecosystem with Amazon Alexa built-in

Enel X launches Homix, the Smart Home ecosystem with Amazon Alexa built-in

The new Smart Home system for managing heating, home security and lighting is available in Amazon's online stores and through Enel X and Endesa Energia sales channels

Enel X YoUrban

Enel X YoUrban

The innovative service to monitor public lighting faults

Circular Eeconomy

Enel X, accelerating circularity

Eco-design-focused technological solutions centred around renewable energies and recyclable materials. This is Enel X’s sustainable innovation in action: an ever-evolving circular laboratory.

Enel X is a global business leading the transformation of the energy sector.

Shifting the paradigm, Enel X helps customers use technology to transform energy into new opportunities, so they can thrive and drive progress, across the world. We are a global company with strong roots in the energy field and an open strategy geared towards digitalisation, sustainability and innovation. We use smart, simple and fast technologies to help our customers discover a new way of using energy, all over the world.

e-Mobility Emission Saving tool

Ongoing Charging Sessions

Thanks to charging, we have saved

kg of CO2

which is equivalent to

trees *

Data gathered from 1 January 2018 onwards

Our products

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Photovoltaic and Storage

Photovoltaic and Storage

Enel X helps companies identify of the most suitable solutions to rationalise their energy needs



Our advanced solution for home charging: designed to ensure fast and safe charging, it is now available in a new version with an elegant and innovative design.

LED lighting

LED lighting

A new set of LED street lights designed to deliver the highest possible energy and financial savings

Circular economy

Enel X takes inspiration from the principles of the Circular Economy because they represent a new paradigm, in which the use of prime virgin materials is reduced to a minimum, the use of renewable and secondary prime materials prevails and the solutions offered are used for as long as possible and to their greatest capacity. This is due to a rethinking of consumption models.


Read all the stories of Enel X and discover how the world can become ever more smart and sustainable


Threefold energy for efficient pharmaceutical production

Enel X has delivered a trigeneration plant to a pharmaceutical business in the Italian town of Latina: electricity, heat and cooling. The result: reduced energy costs and benefits for the environment

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