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Largest food wholesaler in the U.S. earns NT$800K+ annually by joining the Enel X VPP

Learn how food wholesalers with storage facilities develop a new revenue stream by participating in the energy market through Enel X’s VPP

11 Key terms you must know to participate in a Demand Response event

Enel X: New Global Record for Demand Response

2022 was a record year for Enel X: more than 8GW of Capacity offered in markets

Echuca Regional Health, Melbourne, Australia

Echuca Regional Health Demand Response case study

See how we helped Echuca Regional Health utilise Demand Response to secure their power supply..

Morning shot of Taipei, photo by Adli Wahid on Unsplash.

How does sustainability help businesses save costs?

When “Sustainability” come to mind, we often think about extra costs and efforts. But the truth is it can help you spend less

Grain silos, from Unsplash by Jim Witkowski

How Italgrani USA enrolled in Demand Response as part of its ESG efforts

The largest miller in North America, is taking action on ESG issues.

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