Combined solutions

Combined solutions


Enel X e-Bench

The smart bench that makes it possible to integrate a wide variety of services into a single element of urban furniture.

The digital transformation of our cities also involves making even simple pieces of urban furniture smart

Enel X’s smart bench offers exceptional added value to the city because it allows a wide range of services to be integrated into a single feature. 

First and foremost is connectivity. Thanks to the Enel X e-Bench, it will be possible to connect to the net through Wi-Fi hotspots and charge personal devices like smartphones and tablets using the USB sockets on the sides of the bench.  

It can also be equipped with: 

  • Night-time lighting
  • Environmental monitoring systems
  • LCD displays
  • Defibrillators
  • Bike parking racks

The smart bench can also be off-grid: photovoltaic panels are integrated into the seat so no infrastructural changes need to be made to the public spaces in which the bench is installed because all the various functionalities are powered by solar energy

Thanks to a design that effortlessly melds into the surrounding environment, the Enel X e-Bench can make any city more functional and attractive


Enel X Cardio Pila

Enel X Cardio Pila is a smart, multifunctional piece of urban furniture – a column with LED lighting featuring USB ports for recharging smartphones, tablets and other devices and an automated external defibrillator (AED) cabinet. 

It can also include a mini-station for charging electric bicycles and offer Wi-Fi connectivity.

Our solution is resistant to atmospheric agents and temperature variations. As a result it can be installed outdoors or in closed environments.  

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