Are there any incentives for solar thermal systems?

There are two types of incentives for solar thermal systems:

  • Conto Termico 2.0. (Thermal Account 2.0) offers incentives for energy efficiency measures and the production of thermal energy from renewable sources. Thanks to Conto Termico, buildings can be retrofitted to improve their energy performance, thus reducing consumption costs, while recovering part of the costs incurred in a relatively short period of time. The incentive is not fiscal in nature and is received by bank transfer paid directly by the GSE (electricity services operator) into the user’s current account. The maximum limit for the provision of incentives in a single instalment is 5,000 euros, and the payment times are approximately 2 months.
  • 65% Tax Deduction. This is a tax incentive that can be recovered over 10 years in IRPEF (Individual Income Tax) or in IRES (Corporate Income Tax), and is granted when carrying out interventions that increase the energy efficiency level in existing buildings (it is not applicable to interventions on new buildings). The incentive for solar thermal systems is 65% and is calculated based on the total costs incurred for the implementation of the intervention (supply, installation, supporting masonry works, professional expenses, etc.). For private individuals, the deduction is applied to the total amount spent (including VAT), while for companies the deductible portion is calculated based on the taxable amount.

The aforementioned incentives cannot be combined.

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