A city on the move

A city on the move

Our cities are being transformed faster than ever.

Growing urbanisation, constant technological evolution, the behaviour and habits of citizens, which are also being transformed by digitalisation, are having a profound influence on life in our urban centres and posing major new challenges to our cities each and every day.

Enel X is on hand to flank public administrations, communities, citizens and urban development stakeholders of all kinds in the transition to a new city model, by offering solutions that make energy use more efficient and simultaneously introduce innovative services.  

In Enel X parlance, smart cities are: more efficient, more liveable, more sustainable and more digital. 


Enel X’s role in cities

Enel X’s range of innovative solutions embraces the entire city ecosystem: from public lighting to building management, public and private transport, mobility, logistics, and much more besides.

Our portfolio of solutions provides Public Administrations with a unique interface that simplifies the processes and management of those services, which are also interconnected and integrated. 

The role of digital

Enel X believes very strongly in the advantages afforded by digitalisation and is proud to be bringing digital technology into the traditional sphere of public lighting. How? In every aspect of the service.

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