A source of new revenue for wineries and vineyards

A source of new revenue for wineries and vineyards

Enhance emergency preparedness and earn regular payments with VPP participation

Enabling local businesses to fire up their backup generators and supply the electricity market will add a revenue stream for the businesses and deliver lower prices for everyone else. It is common sense to make use of resources that are currently under-utilised for the benefit of both the owners of the assets and the wider community.

Minister for Energy and Mining, Dan van Holst Pellekaan

We chose to participate for economic reasons, which is particularly important during hard or uncertain times, as we don’t know what the coming period may bring. We’ve been happy with VPP participation to date, which has enabled us to make good revenue by simply running our generator, which we can put towards its maintenance costs. We expect increased revenue over the next five years, and can put that money to good use - with minimal to zero interruption to our business operations.

Enel X customer

During testing we discovered that one of our generator circuit breakers operated intermittently and wouldn’t always close. This meant that if our demand was greater than the capacity of the generator, and the breaker wouldn’t close, then our supply redundancy could be compromised. However, once the fault was identified, the "sticky" breaker was replaced.

Enel X customer

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