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Power Flexibility

What is power flexibility?

Discover how businesses are gaining a competitive advantage with demand response. Support grid stability and earn revenue with power flexibility.

Six types of power flexibility

Australia offers a broad and growing range of flexibility opportunities. Learn more about our six programs businesses can participate in.

Unlock hidden value with your backup generator

Improve operational resilience, lower energy costs and facilitate the transition to renewables with your backup generator.

Best practice guide: backup generators

Protect your operations and unlock hidden value with your backup generator. Download our best practice guide here.

Esuring electricity system reliability this summer

Enel X will contribute 100+ MW of demand-side flexible resources to support the electricity grid and maintain system security.

Solar plus flexibility

For businesses with or considering solar power, there is an opportunity to use flexibility to improve the return on a solar investment.

Advisory Services

Progressive purchasing management

With changing market conditions and price volatility, energy users are purchasing their electricity progressively to lower their long-term costs and reduce price risk exposure.

Electricity contracting methods explained

From fixed price variable volume to progressive purchasing, there are many options for contracting electricity. Here’s how to make the best business decision.

Four common progressive purchasing myths dispelled

We debunk the myths surrounding flexible progressive purchasing contracts, including misconceptions around risk, budgeting and workload.

Turn your energy purchasing into a competitive advantage

Reducing business costs can and should start with a better energy procurement strategy. Learn our top three tips here.

Enel X in the news

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