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Enel X and CIT staff discussing about the project in front of the Battery Storage

Central Irrigation Trust (CIT) Lowers Energy Costs with Battery Storage

CIT partners with Enel X on one of Australia’s largest onsite battery storage projects

Staff installing batteries.

Powering irrigation with renewables

Learn how companies are dealing with rising electricity costs by moving towards renewable power sources.

Solar panels

Hybrid Power Purchase Agreements

Learn how a Hybrid Power Purchase Agreement combines the best of solar and storage, generating lower energy costs for your business today and in the future.

South Australia agriculture

Backing up South Australia's generation capacity

Enel X and the South Australian Government support businesses who want to participate in Demand Response


Demand Response addresses the energy trilemma

How Virtual Power Plants address issues of energy security, affordability and sustainability


South Australian Backup Boost Program

We've partnered with the South Australian government to support local businesses by changing the way they use energy