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Case studies

Demand Response a natural fit for Echuca Regional Health

This hospital is enhancing site resilience by participating in multiple DR programs in our VPP. The earnings are reinvested into improving its backup power infrastructure.

The University of Queensland enrolled its battery in our VPP

UQ has earned significant revenue from Frequency grid support by enrolling its 1.1MW / 2.15MWh Tesla Powerpack battery in our VPP.

Matthew's Quarries earns revenue with our VPP

This case study shares our quarrying client's experience with VPP participation and Demand Response.

Cold storage facility warms to Demand Response

By participating in our Virtual Power Plant, Oxford Cold Storage offset 10% of its rising electricity costs.

Power Flexibility

South Australian Backup Boost Program

Enel X and the SA Government are investing $2 million each to support backup generator upgrades across businesses. Learn more.

Enel X is poised to supply 30% of the total FCAS need

Our VPP is growing rapidly, and is on track to supply 30% of the frequency control market need this year. Learn more.

Power flexibility 101: the untapped opportunity

Learn how to turn your energy into a competitive advantage by being flexible with your energy use, without disrupting your business operations.

Whitepaper: Ensure continuity of power during emergencies

Elevate your backup generation testing practices to achieve a new standard of preparation. Lean more here.

Elevating your backup power testing practices

Hear from hospitals who are testing their backup systems with a VPP to enhance preparedness, and getting paid for it.

Calculate your earnings potential

Complete this three question survey to see how much revenue you could earn from power flexibility and VPP participation.

A source of new revenue for wineries and vineyards

Power shortfalls can adversely impact vintage period. Those who invested in backup power systems are now using them to generate new revenue.

Unlock hidden value with your backup generator

Improve operational resilience, lower energy costs and facilitate the transition to renewables with your backup generator.

Financial assistance for backup generator upgrades

We can help fund up-front and interest free backup generator upgrades to enable your participation in our demand response and power flexibility programs.

Frequency grid support explained

Learn what frequency grid support is, and how we help businesses unlock untapped revenue by enabling them to participate in the frequency control market.

Webinar: Backup generator best practice

Decon Technologies, experts in generator maintenance and testing, provide easy-to-implement practices to reduce the change of generator failure.

Webinar: Demand Response 101

Learn how to turn your energy into a competitive advantage by being flexible with your energy use, without disrupting your business operations.

The four types of demand response

Learn about the demand response programs, supporting grid reliability and security, that are currently available to businesses in the NEM.

The wholesale demand response mechanism

The AEMC is introducing a new mechanism which means businesses will soon be able to earn revenue by participating in the wholesale electricity market.

Lowering demand charges for businesses in New Zealand

Our Demand Response program helps organisations save on their energy bills by lowering RCPD charges.

Demand side supports the grid during bushfire emergency

Learn about how businesses helped to keep the grid stable over summer with involvement in multiple DR programs.

Ensuring electricity system reliability this summer

Enel X will contribute 100+ MW of demand-side flexible resources to support the electricity grid and maintain system security.

Advisory Services

Energy market volatility and what it means for businesses

Businesses that felt the pain of high electricity prices from 2017 have had a recent respite. We explore the factors that are driving down energy prices.

Progressive purchasing management

With changing market conditions and price volatility, energy users are purchasing their electricity progressively to lower their long-term costs and reduce price risk exposure.

Our market leading real-time risk management platform

If you’re purchasing your electricity progressively, there's a better way to get the job done. Connect to our platform for better outcomes at a lower cost.

Progressive energy purchasing explained

Progressive procurement of electricity is a method of buying electricity which focuses on the wholesale market price. Watch our video here.

What is an electricity futures curve?

Wholesale energy has a futures market where you can contract a price today for energy that will be used in the future. Watch our video here.

The different methods of electricity contracting

From fixed price variable volume to progressive purchasing, there are many options for contracting electricity. Here’s how to make the best business decision.

Four common progressive purchasing myths dispelled

We debunk the myths surrounding flexible progressive purchasing contracts, including misconceptions around risk, budgeting and workload.

Turn your energy purchasing into a competitive advantage

Reducing business costs can and should start with a better energy procurement strategy. Learn our top three tips here.

Enel X in the news

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