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What is Solar-Plus-Storage?

Solar-plus-storage is the integration of a battery energy storage system with solar power. By adding a battery storage system, businesses can see far greater benefits than with solar alone.

Increase the value of your solar system

When a battery is paired with a new or existing solar system it significantly increases the value of the system as a whole. While solar offers inexpensive energy from a renewable source, without the assistance of a battery, its usefulness can be limited at night or during cloudy days.

With a battery, excess solar power can be stored for future use - when the sun isn’t shining, when peak demand charges are high, or when the grid is down. Solar-plus-storage is the perfect combination of renewable energy and battery storage, and offers economic and environmental benefits.

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How Solar-Plus-Storage saves money

In many areas, businesses that adopt on-site solar photovoltaic (PV) technology experience a decrease in their overall energy costs relative to what they were paying their utility. Adding battery storage to a solar system creates a far greater margin of savings.

graphs showing solar+storage at work
Businesses can store excess solar energy and then consume that electricity during periods of peak demand. Utilities charge a premium for energy consumption during peak demand times—and these charges make up the majority of the bill for some businesses. A battery helps to limit grid consumption during these periods, effectively a facility’s load curve.
Enel X DER.OS software is a game-changer that transforms solar projects into intelligent, strategic solar-plus-storage assets. Combining machine learning with advanced prediction capabilities, Enel X DER.OS provides the intelligence and precision-dispatching needed to participate in demand response and other revenue-generating programs that maximise value. 

Maximise your renewable energy consumption

With battery storage, businesses can maximise their energy consumption from renewables.


For organisations with explicit greenhouse gas emission targets or clean energy initiatives, a solar plus storage system will help meet your goals.

Solar panels in cloudy days/Jason Blackeye Batteries can supply stored solar energy on cloudy days
Powerlines and lightning/American Public Power Association-Unsplash Stored solar energy is a resilient, sustainable option during power outages.

Boost resiliency without sacrificing sustainability

Solar-plus-storage helps to prevent power loss if the grid goes down. The National Electricity Market (NEM) has seen increasingly challenging market conditions including generation outages, interconnector trips, and extreme weather events, all which can lead to power outages.


Solar-plus-storage is one of the strongest resiliency solutions in the market and can provide backup power from several hours to several days. Often, solar-plus-storage can provide enough energy for operation while still allowing businesses to achieve their sustainability goals.  

Flexible financing options

Many companies may be drawn to the resiliency and sustainability value of solar-plus-storage, but hesitate at the CAPEX necessary to start a project. Enel X is part of one of the worlds largest energy utilities, and can provide a variety of funding options.

Hybrid Power Purchase Agreement (hPPA)

All-In Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

Direct Purchase

Customer pays a flat rate for solar power created. Battery savings are passed through a benefit share agreement.


Benefits: discount to utility rates for solar power; incentives aligned on energy storage performance.

Customer pays a flat rate for the power created and consumed via the solar-plus-storage system.
Benefits: simple payment structure; discount to utility rates.

Customer buys the system and pays for ongoing O&M and enrolment in energy market programs.


Benefit: customer keeps 100% of the financial value after incurring project costs.

Units: $/kWh solar + $/month storage (% split with Enel X)
Units: $/kWh (single rate)
Units: $$$

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