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Renewable energy is our future

We’re still in the early innings of our transition to solar power, but it’s already having a massive impact. In the middle of the day, wholesale power prices are collapsing because so much solar power is being produced. As the sun sets, wholesale power prices during evening hours are increasingly volatile because there are fewer traditional power stations available to meet demand. As a result, there is a rapidly growing spread between the highest-priced hours of the day and the lowest-priced hours of the day on the wholesale power market.

Price Arbitrage with Flex Retail

The growing daily price spread has created a financial opportunity for businesses that are able to flexibly shift a portion of their power usage each day. This is called Price Arbitrage – using less grid power when electricity spot prices are higher on a daily basis to achieve bill savings.


Unfortunately, today’s retail power tariffs were designed for a past era and don’t provide any incentives for the ‘intraday’ load shifting demanded by solar power. This means that you’re missing out on a way to reduce your power costs, while providing support to the grid as renewable power grows.


Fixed price tariff

We give you a fixed price tariff (with peak and off-peak rates) that is similar to the fixed price tariffs offered by all major retail suppliers today. This makes it easy for you to compare offers.



Shift power usage

As part of our offer, you agree to shift the power usage for up to two hours per day from high-priced periods to low-priced periods. We generate significant value from this load flexibility as part of our VPP in the wholesale power market.

Monthly revenue

At the end of each month, we give you a share of the actual VPP value that has been created in the previous 30 days. This is done in the form of a ‘flex rebate’ on your monthly invoice. Once this flex rebate has been factored in, the price you pay for electricity ($/MWh) will be up to 10% lower than the best offer you receive from a traditional retail supplier.

Risk free

This is a risk-free proposition. You’re not required to take on any exposure to wholesale power prices, and you have the ability to opt out of the daily load flexibility whenever required.

Tailored to your operational realities

While bill savings are valuable, your operations and customers come first. Our program works strictly within your operational requirements. You can opt out of load shifting whenever necessary. We make this simple by design, so that it integrates easily into your daily operations.
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