Who We Are

Backed by Enel, the world's largest private developer of renewable power, we are leading the global energy transformation.


Enel X Australia

We unlock new opportunities to decarbonise, digitalise and electrify your energy use in ways that will help grow your business. Our mission is to help businesses accelerate their decarbonisation by leveraging the full market value of flexible demand. We operate the #1 Virtual Power Plant (VPP) in Australia (BNEF), with more than $200 Million delivered to Australia & New Zealand businesses since 2012. We are recognised as a first mover in connecting commercial and industrial energy assets to wholesale power markets, and are experts in harnessing flexible demand, onsite battery storage and solar assets, and electric mobility resources to support the grid and firm the supply of renewable power.

Why businesses work with us

VPP market leader

Businesses trust our proven track record as the market leader. We deliver the most VPP revenue, while properly prioritising and protecting your core operations, and ensuring full choice for your retail power supply.

  • >10 years of DR experience in Australia
  • >A$200M in DR revenue delivered to ANZ customers over the past 10 years
  • First VPP to enter the FCAS market and 90% of aggregated C&I DR resources in FCAS today
  • First (and only) Demand Response Service Provider in the Wholesale Demand Response Mechanism

Enel X manages the largest world’s largest C&I VPP, with 8.5 GW of Demand Response offered. More than 15,000 global enterprises are doing Demand Response with us today.

Battery market leader

We have a consolidated technical, digital and financial track record of delivering battery installations globally. We are a leading global integrator of C&I Batteries (Guidehouse Insights), with around 760 MW Battery Energy Storage installed capacity (BTM, FTM, Enel Plants) to date.

Through our expertise, we offer tailor-made and market-specific battery solutions, providing flawless operations and delivery of customer sided assets.

Fully-integrated platform

Our proprietary platform fully integrates batteries into the energy market, allowing you to earn the most revenue possible. It optimises your charge and discharge strategy, reduces demand management fees, and earns money from energy market programs.

We offer everything you need to succeed including technology, market access and finance.  

Financial strength

Backed by Enel, the world's largest and most sustainable energy retailer, we have the financial strength to finance your battery project, suited to your risk appetite.

Our unique financial models are tailored to you, with an option for no CAPEX investment from your business, which de-risks the project.



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