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Who We Are

Enel X Australia combines innovative technology with the infrastructure and expertise of a global leader in renewable energy, to help businesses unlock new revenue streams from their energy assets. Our team is passionate about making it simple for commercial and industrial users to identify, develop and monetise flexible demand in their operations. This reduces energy costs, strengthens the grid and supports Australia’s transition to renewable energy.


The Enel Group

We are backed by Enel Group, a global leader in renewable energy with 60,000 employees across five continents. Enel has reduced more of its green-house gas emissions than any other company in the world and is committed to creating a new era in energy and lasting value for society, through its commitments of innovation, energy transition and sustainability.

Enel X Australia & New Zealand

Enel X’s market-leading Virtual Power Plant (VPP) orchestrates qualified businesses to make more energy available to the grid at peak times, by reducing consumption, switching to back-up generation or supplying energy from battery storage. In return, participants earn revenue from energy markets. This flexible demand increases grid security and reliability as Australia moves away from coal fired generation to renewables, and helps organisations achieve their ESG goals.

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Our Commitment

Sustainability, renewable energy and decarbonisation are no longer niche interests; they are urgent operational imperatives that businesses are rapidly embracing. But making them real is hard. It takes new ways of thinking, new ways of funding. Enel X was born with a clear vision: to improve businesses’ daily lives, giving everyone the possibility to make positive energy choices with awareness.

Our Global Reach

Enel X can be found in Australia & New Zealand, Asia, Europe, Latin America and North America, in 18 countries.

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