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Who We Are

Flexible demand is increasingly valued as an integral part of Australia’s renewable energy transition. Our mission is to help businesses earn new revenue and accelerate their decarbonization programs by taking advantage of flexible demand opportunities available through our virtual power plant platform. Since 2011, we have been a pioneer in finding new ways for businesses to earn revenue from their energy-intensive assets in Australia’s wholesale power markets. We are the acknowledged market leader in what we do, and we are continually finding new ways for businesses to leverage our VPP platform to improve their bottom line while supporting the energy transition.


Our team is passionate about making it simple for qualified businesses to identify, develop and monetise flexible demand in their operations. We successfully work with manufacturing and industrial process equipment, commercial HVAC and refrigeration systems, backup power assets, battery energy storage systems, and electric vehicle charging infrastructure.   Leveraging unique energy market registrations, large-scale global technology investments, and innovative project funding models, we have proven an ability to deliver results where others cannot.