Lead the charge with onsite BESS

BESS are among the most promising technology options available to support renewable power, and are expected to play a huge role in Australia’s future power system. Many businesses across Australia are well-suited to host a BESS, and are seizing an opportunity to increase resilience, improve their bottom line, and accelerate their path to decarbonisation while supporting the grid-scale energy transition.

The business opportunity

Reduce your power supply costs

A BESS can optimise the profile of your power usage, serving to reduce the capacity charges you pay to the network utility, while also potentially shifting some of your power consumption from high-priced peak tariff periods to lower-priced off-peak periods.

Earn a new revenue stream

A BESS, when properly integrated into a Virtual Power Plant (VPP) platform, is capable of providing multiple different valuable services to the power grid. In aggregate, this can generate significant revenue.

Accelerate your path to decarbonisation

BESS have a critical role to play in supporting renewable power. By installing a BESS you are creating an important new source of green power capacity for your site that can also help support the grid’s overall transformation.

Whether you have an on-site solar (PV) system or an off-site renewable energy Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), a BESS can help balance the variability of your renewable supply. This could allow you to increase your utilisation of renewable energy while reducing the price risks you face when the sun isn’t shining.

Improve the quality of your power supply

Depending on its configuration, a BESS can enhance your protection against grid emergencies. Not only can it provide a seamless source of backup power supply in a blackout, but it can also protect against short brown-outs that can damage equipment.

Why Enel X?

Broad experience

We have a consolidated technical, digital and financial track record of delivering BESS installations globally. We are one of the top two global integrators of B2B BESS (Guidehouse Insights).

Through our expertise, we offer tailor-made and market-specific BESS solutions, providing flawless operations and delivery of customer sided assets.

We operate the largest VPP in Australia

Businesses trust our proven track record as the market leader. We deliver the most DR revenue, while properly prioritising and protecting your core operations, and ensuring full choice for your retail power supply.

  • >10 years of DR experience in Australia
  • >A$200M in DR revenue delivered to ANZ customers over the past 10 years
  • First VPP to enter the FCAS market and 90% of aggregated C&I DR resources in FCAS today

Backed by the world’s biggest power utility​

Enel is the world’s biggest global utility. As part of the Enel Group, we offer Tier 1 procurement, engineering and HSEQ.

Global innovation, local execution

Enel X has 70+ storage projects in operation globally, with plans to reach >525MW by 2023.

We bring our global leading platforms to local markets. We unlock new opportunities to decarbonise, digitalise and electrify your energy use in ways that will help grow your business.

We are also growing our world-leading electric mobility footprint, evolving from 230,000 charging points to 780,000 in the next two years.