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Join the energy transition with onsite storage

Battery storage is urgently needed for the renewable energy transition, and is expected to play a huge role in Australia’s future power system. BNEF predicts that by 2050, up to 87GW of solar capacity and 83GWh of storage capacity will be added in Australia. Businesses see battery storage as a complement to their renewable energy strategy, and a strong opportunity to improve their bottom line while accelerating their path to decarbonisation. Enel X is a global leader in this space, and is a partner of choice for Australian businesses.

How onsite batteries support your business


Reduce your power supply costs


A battery can optimise the profile of your power usage, serving to reduce demand and capacity charges you pay to the network utility, and can utilise your sites solar production that would otherwise be exported.




Earn a new revenue stream

A battery, when properly integrated into a Virtual Power Plant (VPP) platform, is capable of providing multiple different valuable services to the power grid. In aggregate, this can generate significant revenue.

Accelerate your path to decarbonisation

Batteries are the critical enabler to support variable renewable energy. By installing a battery you are creating an important new source of green power capacity for your site that can also help support the grid’s overall transformation.

Whether you have an on-site solar (PV) system or an off-site renewable energy Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), a battery can help balance the variability of your renewable supply. This could allow you to increase your utilisation of renewable energy while reducing the price risks you face when the sun isn’t shining.


Improve the quality of your power supply

Depending on its configuration, a battery can enhance your protection against grid emergencies, providing a source of backup power supply in a blackout.
Battery energy storage systems

Optimisation Software to maximise performance

Enel X’s DER Optimisation Software uses advanced machine learning techniques to learn your facility’s operational behaviour, and analyse it alongside external data including weather forecasts, energy market pricing, tariff structures, and VPP trading opportunities. We automatically charge and discharge your battery at the optimal times to deliver the highest financial return possible.

Find out more about how Enel X's industry-leading optimisation software automates battery operations to maximise savings.

Fully financed, turnkey energy storage projects

With decades of experience helping C&I energy consumers capitalise on opportunities in the energy markets, Enel X is an ideal partner for businesses. We take responsibility for installing and operating the battery assets so your organisation can capture this value with flexible commercial structures, including a zero CAPEX model.

Our turnkey solution

We manage everything from evaluation, development and ongoing operation of a battery. They are technically and commercially complex, with engineering considerations on how a battery connects to your facility and the broader power grid. Our mission is to make it simple for your business to access this new energy opportunity.
A turnkey services platform  compatible with Tier 1 battery systems

A turnkey services platform compatible with Tier 1 battery systems



You receive a share of value for hosting on your site


You own the battery, and we operate it
We invest the capital in the battery and build it at your facility. We sign a long-term contract that pays you a fixed share of all value created by the battery, including retail tariff savings and VPP revenues. You get a new revenue stream and enhanced power quality benefits without having to invest any capital.
You invest the capital and own the battery. We build, operate and maintain it on a long-term basis at your facility. We retain a fixed share of all value created by the battery, including both retail tariff savings and VPP revenues. With access to our VPP and DER.OS platform, and with a structure that aligns our financial returns with yours, we can de-risk your business case and maximise your ROI.

Central Irrigation Trust Battery Project

We're installing one of Australia's biggest onsite battery projects for Central Irrigation Trust in South Australia. The first phase of the 14MWh project is complete, with batteries installed at its Berri and Loveday pump sites.

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