Turn your energy purchasing into a competitive advantage

Turn your energy purchasing into a competitive advantage

Our Advisory Services' top three tips on how to get ahead

3. Understand what your retailer is really doing for you

A universal role of energy retailers is to provide businesses with a billing and customer service function, but they often provide a wide  range of additional services too. You need to evaluate what these  services are worth and enter an agreement with a retailer who meets your business needs.

One retailer may offer a comprehensive service package while a second may not provide any additional servicing. It’s important to understand the value of the additional services. Are they a business necessity, or just a 'nice to have'?

Large businesses may want the lowest cost without the ‘bells and whistles’. It’s important to ensure your retailer’s offering aligns with your business goals, and if not, ask them to remove extras (that you are ultimately paying for).

At Enel X, we help large energy users maximise the value from their energy procurement strategy every day.

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