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Data Centre and Demand Response Whitepaper

Why energy strategy is key to data centre growth

This whitepaper sets out strategies for data centres to cut emissions and enable grid innovation.

Developing a comprehensive energy strategy gives data centre operators a foundation to meet the challenges of reducing carbon emissions and to manage the effect of their growth on grid capacity. An effective energy strategy will optimise efficiency, support procurement strategy, and offer pathways to co-operate with energy companies and grid operators.

This whitepaper looks at the business drivers for a new energy strategy including climate change, electricity grid issues and the need to build energy resilience.

Energy and emissions visibility, energy efficiency, low carbon energy, procurement, and Virtual Power Plants (VPPs) and Demand Response are discussed as fundamental elements of a sound energy strategy.


By taking action that supports grid stability and furthers the growth of renewable energy use, data centres can contribute to a more secure energy future for everyone, while simultaneously clearing a pathway for their own growth.

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