South Australian Backup Boost Program

South Australian Backup Boost Program

We've partnered with the South Australian government to support local businesses by changing the way they use energy

Enabling local businesses to fire up their backup generators and supply the electricity market will add a revenue stream for the businesses and deliver lower prices for everyone else. It is commonsense to make use of resources that are currently under-utilised for the benefit of  both the owners of the assets and the wider community.

Dan van Holst Pellekaan MP, Minister for Energy and Mining, South Australia

Benefits to your business

Provide critical grid response when large power stations suddenly fail, or when the demand for power on the system is extremely high relative to the available supply from large power stations.

Earn a significant recurring new revenue stream. This new income can reduce the cost of energy and fund infrastructure upgrades.

By using your generator in our VPP you'll increase its reliability. Any damage or faults are more likely to be detected while you still have grid power, which reduces the risk of malfunction during a true grid emergency.

We provide advance notice of irregular grid conditions from the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO)  to ensure you’re prepared and can safely transfer to backup power before any outage occurs.

Our VPP responds to spiking electricity prices, which can often indicate a supply shortfall. By reducing grid energy use, you help to put downwards pressure on wholesale electricity pricing for all consumers.

Our transition to renewables requires significant new power capacity that can keep the system in balance as variable wind and solar power grows.