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Enel X Romania was selected by Antibiotice Iași for the construction of a photovoltaic park of 2.5 MW

  • Almost 4,700 photovoltaic panels will be installed on an area of 3.14 hectares for the pharmaceutical company Antibiotice Iași;
  • The facility will ensure an average annual production of 3,500 MWh and will contribute to a reduction of carbon dioxide emissions by 2,056 tons/year.


Bucharest, December 13th, 2022 - Enel X Romania, part of Enel X Global Retail, the advanced energy services division of Enel group, has been selected for the construction of a photovoltaic park with a total installed capacity of 2.5 MW for Antibiotice Iași.


The photovoltaic systems will be installed entirely on the ground, at the company's headquarters in Iasi, on an area of ​​3.14 hectares. The installation will include 4,680 panels that will ensure an average annual production of 3,500 MWh. The project will help reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 2,056 tons/year and will ensure reductions up to 26.4% of the energy bill value.


"So far, we have successfully developed projects with various local administrations, especially consisting of efficient public lighting solutions based on the latest technologies. In the current context, in which the efficiency of energy costs is a priority not only for household consumers and companies, but also for public entities, we are glad they are open to investing in photovoltaic solutions for self-consumption. The optimal price-quality ratio, the experience that Enel X has in carrying out large-scale projects and the speed with which we committed to implement this park were the elements that differentiated us in the selection process", said Dorin Petrișor Chisăliţă, Head of E-City, Enel X Romania.


"In the context of current concerns for sustainable development, as well as difficult-to-predict developments in the energy supply market, Antibiotice Iași aligns with these trends and implements solutions to reduce carbon emissions through access to green energy sources. This project is part of the business sustainability strategy through the continuous improvement of the integrated management system, through which we aim in the near future that one third of the energy used on the Antibiotice platform to come from renewable sources", said Ioan Nani, General Director of Antibiotice Iași.


Enel X Romania has implemented projects for the most important companies in sectors such as food, retail, logistics centers, shopping centers and office buildings. In total, by the end of last year, about 40,000 photovoltaic panels had been installed that contribute to a substantial reduction in carbon dioxide emissions. The installation of these energy production sources has resulted in savings of over 1 million euros for partner companies, by removing the costs associated with the transmission and distribution of electricity, as well as contributions for green certificates and cogeneration.


Enel X Romania is part of Enel X Global Retail, Enel Group’s global business line and world leader in the sector of advanced energy solutions. Enel X Romania provides complete solutions to industrial and commercial customers for local electricity generation using both photovoltaic panels and advanced systems dedicated to e-city and e-home, giving people, communities, institutions, and companies an alternative model that respects the environment and integrates technological innovation into everyday life. Every solution has the power to transform the goals of decarbonization, electrification and digitalization into sustainable actions for everyone to build a more responsible and efficient society.


Enel X Romania was selected by Antibiotice Iași for the construction of a photovoltaic park of 2.5 MW

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