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Enel X installs two photovoltaic power plants for Eaton factories in Romania

  • The photovoltaic systems will be installed on the roof and on the ground of the Eaton factories in Bușag and Sârbi localities, Maramureș county, and will have a total capacity of about 850 kWp
  • The photovoltaic plant in Bușag is among the first in Romania to comply with the FM Global criteria


Bucharest, February 15, 2022 - Enel X Romania, part of Enel X, the advanced energy services division of the Enel Group, is building two photovoltaic power plants with a total installed capacity of about 850 kWp for the producer of electrical panels and metal structures Eaton Electro Production.


The project involves the turnkey installation of two photovoltaic systems that integrate over 1,800 high-efficiency photovoltaic panels, installed in Maramureș County, in Buşag and Sârbi localities. The photovoltaic plant in Bușag is among the first in Romania to comply with the FM Global criteria and the photovoltaic panels used have high fire resistance (B class). For the system located in Sârbi, Enel X Romania installs one of the largest existing panels on the Romanian market, of 650 Wp / module.


„Enel X Romania offers its partners the green solution to sustainably ensure the electricity needed for their business, thus reducing energy costs. The customized solutions implemented in partnership with Eaton meet the highest standards of performance and reliability and help the company to streamline its electricity consumption, providing protection against the low liquidity in the energy market and the price volatility. At the same time, photovoltaic systems ensure the generation of clean energy, contributing to environmental objectives at local and international level,” said Laurențiu Brumaru, Head of Sales & Marketing e-Industries, Enel X Romania.


The photovoltaic plants installed for Eaton Electro Producție will ensure an annual electricity production of about 885 MWh, contributing to cutting down carbon dioxide emissions by more than 200 tons / year.


"Coming to meet Eaton's global goal and in line with U.E. Policy. to reduce the level of carbon emissions with 50% by 2030, our factory has developed a project to implement photovoltaic panels on the roof of production halls. It is the first project of this kind in the EMEA for Eaton, which gives it even greater importance. Following its implementation, CO2 emissions will be cut by over 165 tons annually and an energy saving of 2,884 MWH will be achieved. At the same time, the project complies with all the requirements of the company's insurer, AXA XL, so we are looking forward to its completion in order to benefit from its advantages,” Daniel Șimo, factory manager of Eaton Bușag, says.


The equipment and technologies used by Enel X in the project have high performance and reliability and are supplied by important producers on the global photovoltaic systems market.


Enel X Romania portfolio includes projects implemented for some of the most important companies in sectors such as food, retail, logistics centres, shopping centres and office buildings. In total, over 22,300 photovoltaic panels have been installed, which contribute to the cut in carbon dioxide emissions of about 3,700 tons / year. The installation of these energy generation sources brings savings of over 1 million euros to partner companies, by eliminating the costs associated with electricity transmission and distribution, as well as the contributions for green certificates and cogeneration.


Enel X Romania is part of Enel X, the global business line of the Enel Group dedicated to the development of innovative products and digital solutions in sectors where energy has the greatest potential for transformation: cities, homes, industries and electric mobility. Enel X Romania manages services such as recharging points for electric vehicles, available throughout the country, photovoltaic panel solutions for industrial and commercial customers, advanced systems for e-city and e-homes, offering people, communities, institutions and companies an environmentally friendly alternative model that integrates technological innovation into everyday life. Each solution can turn the goals of decarbonization, electrification and digitalization into sustainable actions for everyone, in order to build a more sustainable and efficient society.

Enel X installs two photovoltaic power plants for Eaton factories in Romania

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