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Enel X and Power Electric partnership for the development of the private charging area for electric vehicles and the extension of the network of stations in Romania

Bucharest, September 27, 2021 - Enel X Romania, a subsidiary of Enel X, the Enel Group's advanced energy services business line, has signed an agreement with Power Electric to sell electric vehicle charging stations. It is the first partnership of this kind signed by Enel X Romania to expand the client portfolio and accelerate the development of the electric mobility infrastructure at the national level.  


Enel X and Power Electric aim to support customers in the private area with electric mobility solutions for home or office. The main points where the electric car can be charged during extended stops. Solutions include JuiceBox, JuicePole, and JuicePump recharging stations, installation services, and software applications through which customers can monitor and control their own recharging devices.


"More and more people are using electricity not only to power their homes but also for transportation. As a result, we see increases from month to month in terms of energy consumption at Enel X stations: in August, the energy consumed through our recharging points was two and a half times higher than in June. Enel X Romania meets the current needs of consumers who opt for electric mobility and accelerates the development of recharging infrastructure for electric vehicles in the country, including through the partnership with Power Electric. Enel X is at the forefront of Romania's electrification process and energy transition, and such partnerships help us achieve our goals," said Mihai Mardale, E-Mobility Director, Enel X Romania.


Enel X has an extensive public infrastructure, consisting of JuicePump and JuicePole recharging stations, installed in all regions of Romania, both in public and private spaces. The JuicePump solution allows you to charge up to 80% of the battery level in about 25 minutes, depending on the model and specifications of the machine. JuicePole units have an available power of 2 x 22 kW AC, each allowing you to charge up to 40% of the battery level in 30 minutes, depending on the model and specifications of the machine.


"Caring for the impact of CO2 emissions from the automotive industry on the environment is a matter of interest for major automakers, manufacturers, or distributors, as well as for the final consumer. We are pleased to join the efforts of large companies for environmental sustainability, through electric charging solutions for cars, together with a prestigious partner, Enel X Romania, part of the Enel Group, provider of recharging solutions for electric vehicles and photovoltaic systems. We aim for an efficient and lasting collaboration so that by the end of 2022, we hope to install 50 new recharging stations”, said Ciprian Marinescu, sales director, Power Electric SRL.


Enel X Romania has already reached a network of about 180 recharging points installed in 25 cities, both in public and private spaces, in malls, or hypermarkets. As a result, the number of those who use the Enel X stations and the company's facilities has also increased. For example, from April 2021 until August, the number of users of the JuicePass application, which provides access to Enel X Romania recharging points, increased by over 75%.



Enel X Romania is part of Enel X, the global business line of the Enel Group dedicated to the development of innovative products and digital solutions in sectors where energy has the most significant potential for transformation: cities, homes, industries, and electric mobility. Enel X Romania manages services such as recharging points for electric vehicles, available throughout the country1, photovoltaic panel solutions for industrial and commercial customers, advanced systems for e-city and e-homes, offering people, communities, institutions, and companies an alternative model environmentally friendly and integrates technological innovation into everyday life. Each solution can turn the goals of decarbonization, electrification, and digitization into sustainable actions for everyone to build a more sustainable and efficient society.



With over 27 years of experience in the field, POWER ELECTRIC SRL is, through our brand Can & Power, among the most important providers of complete professional lighting solutions in Romania. Thus, our company distributes various products, including lighting sources for consumption, professional areas or special destinations, accessories, equipment and components for electrical installations, lighting poles and generators, sources of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), and car charging stations. In addition, we also offer consulting services for streamlining lighting solutions, design, and lighting design for lighting applications in the industrial, office, street, sports, intended for commercial and residential spaces.

Our team's focus on technology, innovation, and expertise are standard criteria according to which we guide our activity, Power Electric providing a full range of products and services for multiple industries and businesses.

Enel X and Power Electric partnership for the development of the private charging area for electric vehicles

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