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A Procurement Platform for All Seasons

Whether you are in the long-term capacity or short-term spot market; executing a daily, monthly or seasonal buy; or procuring renewables, natural gas, electricity, or other products (or all of the above), Enel X has the team and technology to enhance your process.

Enel X Provides:


Automated Auctions

With over 300 suppliers on the Enel X platform ready to bid for your business, Enel X sets the standard for driving down prices via online, competitive reverse auctions. As an added benefit, supplier bids are audited in the platform, simplifying subsequent regulatory reporting. 

Short- and Long-Term Buying Power

Whether you are purchasing capacity five years out, executing a seasonal buy, or entering the spot market to address a short-term need, the Enel X platform brings you to market quickly and efficiently, stoking competitive bidding for your load. 

Product Agnosticism and Platform Flexibility

Need more renewables in your mix to meet RPS standards? Looking to sole source natural gas?  


The Enel X platform is configurable to your portfolio needs, enabling procurement of a single product type or all-source. Platform flexibility means you can buy it your way. 


Renewables at Utility Scale

Enel X teams up with utilities to enact grid-scale renewable strategies, leveraging its ecosystem of project developers and the Enel X platform to execute long-term PPAs. 

Experience & Trust

Utilities are experts at buying energy. Enel X is an expert at helping them. With over 20 years of experience meeting the varied and evolving energy procurement needs of utilities, Enel X has established itself as one of the utility industry’s most trusted resources and the Enel X platform as its most trusted tool. 
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Enel X and Wholesale Energy Auctions

Learn more about how Enel X helps its partners buy and sell energy commodities faster and more efficiently, securing the best price in energy auction through a combination of hyper competition and real-time visibility.