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Automating All of Your Energy Buys

All eyes are on utilities when they buy energy, from those of ratepayers to those of regulatory commissions. Doing so effectively means running a fair, transparent, and competitive pricing event—and being able to prove it. With its industry-leading online platform, Enel X partners with North America’s leading utilities to make buying renewables, natural gas, electricity and financial products faster, easier, more competitive, and more cost effective. We support utilities in their green transition across product types and terms.

Technology-Driven Procurement

Advanced auction technology from Enel X makes utility-scale energy purchases efficient, effective, and ultra-competitive, making the grade with utility commissions around the country.

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A Partner for Every Program

From seasonal to spot buys, long-term to short, or single-source to all-source, Enel X has the program knowledge and utility-tested technology to make each procurement successful and auditable. With over 60,000 pricing events conducted, Enel X’s robust, proprietary platform has helped hundreds of utilities transact on energy.

More Renewables, Please

Enel X’s auction-based procurements make buying renewables at utility scale as easy and dependable as any other natural gas or power purchase. For both short-term and long-term purchasing needs, finding the right renewable supplier takes a sophisticated platform and partner.

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