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Distributed Energy for a Cleaner, More Resilient Grid

The popularity of on-site renewables, energy storage, demand response, electric vehicles, and EV charging continues to grow among commercial and residential customers. The opportunities—and challenges—of orchestrating these distributed energy resources has quickly evolved from “nice to have” to “essential.” In the process, Enel X has emerged as the partner of choice to help utilities master their energy transition.

Technology for a Greener Grid

Automating and orchestrating the distributed energy revolution takes technology leadership. Digital platforms that enable customers to monitor demand response events and, in the case of batteries, charge and discharge levels are key to tracking and analyzing performance.

Engineer showing Enel X battery energy storage technology

electrical tower overlooking city at night

Resource Aggregation to Reduce Outages

Energy storage, solar-plus-storage solutions, demand response and EV charging programs from Enel X provide utilities access to distributed energy assets at scale, when needed, to help when the grid is stressed.

Energy Is a Two-Way Street

Energy used to be one-directional. Today, it’s a two-way street with more and more power, literally, in the hands of consumers in the form of distributed energy resources and demand response participation. Smart utilities are harnessing that power to become greener and more reliable.

Engineer showing Enel X battery energy storage technology