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The Flexible, Reliable Way to Meet Demand (Without the Costly Investment)

Demand response is rapidly evolving from an “emergency resource” to a versatile, real-time grid management tool for meeting peak demand without relying on costly peaker plants or mega-investments in new generation assets. One company alone, Enel X, has blazed the trail in demand response, making it the most reliable and flexible alternative for cost- and environmentally-conscious utilities.

Enel X Provides:


Proven Program Design and Deployment

Developing and deploying a successful C&I demand response program that maximizes customer participation and optimizes resource performance takes skill and experience. No one has more than Enel X.

C&I Customer Acquisition

As the market leader in demand response technology and program administration, Enel X knows how to engage C&I customers worldwide and earn their trust and participation. Utilities relying on Enel X to manage their demand response portfolios consistently achieve reliable resource performance—at scale.

Total Demand Response Management

Whether you need a software partner to help you execute your demand response program or a fully outsourced solution provider to manage every aspect, Enel X has the technology, expertise and experience to make your program top-notch. Our capabilities span the demand response lifecycle, including:

  • Lead generation and marketing
  • Customer recruitment and contracting
  • Site enablement, audits, and curtailment plans
  • Dispatch management notifications and performance management
  • Performance measurement and verification (M&V)
  • Portfolio management, settlement, and customer payments

A World-Class NOC

Enel X’s Network Operations Center (NOC) continuously monitors each site’s connectivity and energy consumption. During a demand response dispatch, our NOC tracks energy reductions at each site and gives you real-time visibility into aggregated load reduction data as the event unfolds.
The NOC at Enel X headquarters in Boston