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Surya Panditi, Head of Enel X North America, attends the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO)’s Grid Innovation Fund (GIF) press conference.

Enel X Awarded $3.3M CAD for Innovation in Ontario

The investment will fund an innovative pilot aggregating distributed energy resources.

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Global Adjustment Changes Create Savings for Large Energy Users

Learn how proposed changes to Ontario’s Global Adjustment (GA) in the 2021 Budget will result in lower energy bills for large energy users.

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How Businesses Are Transforming Ontario’s Energy Market With Sustainable Solutions

Learn how Enel X is going “all-in” to support Ontario’s large energy consumers.

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Ontario Energy Storage Calculator: See How Much Your Organization Can Save

Energy storage is a big opportunity in Ontario. Our new interactive calculator tool is designed to help Ontario businesses understand how big it could be for them.

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Understanding Ontario's Energy Market: The Importance and Complexity of Predicting System Peak Events

In Ontario, predicting system peak events is key to keeping electricity costs in control. Thanks to a number of trends in the region, that is becoming increasingly complex.

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Ontario's Electricity Costs are Skyrocketing. Energy Storage Can Help

Electricity costs for businesses in Ontario are among the highest in North America. See how Enel X's energy storage technology is enabling Ontario businesses to take control.