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How to Calculate Weather-Normalized Energy Consumption Using Heating and Cooling Degree Days

Enel X shows you a very simple method for calculating weather-normalized energy consumption across buildings.

Are California's Planned Power Outages a Sign of the New Normal?

Wildfire risk led California's electric utilities to shut off power to hundreds of thousands of customers. Businesses everywhere should think about the implications for their buildings.

What Does Net Zero Carbon Mean?

What is net zero carbon, why does it matter, and how can we get there?

Examining the EPA’s 2020 Updates to Emissions Factors

Learn about the recently EPA 2020 eGRID updates and how it effects companies that already track their greenhouse gas emissions, and those that are looking to start.

New Approaches to Power Purchase Agreements Open the Renewable Energy Market to More Businesses

How Can We Unlock Distributed Energy? 3 Final Steps to Fulfill FERC Order 2222.

Find out how Enel X North America CEO Surya Panditi thinks we can increase the benefits of distributed energy resources.

BlackRock’s 2022 Letter and Renewable Energy Strategy

Find out why Larry Fink’s 2022 Letter to CEOs shows the growing importance of ESG.

Q&A with an Expert: What Goes Into a Successful Corporate Sustainability Program?

To get an idea of what goes into a successful sustainability plan, we spoke with an expert who has been developing and implementing them for years.

What Does “Carbon Negative” Mean for Microsoft?

Microsoft recently made headlines by pledging to be “carbon negative” by 2030. Learn how they plan to do it?