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What will happen in energy markets in 2021?

Find out what Enel X’s energy market experts think 2021 has in store for renewable energy, natural gas, electric vehicles, and more.

Are California's Planned Power Outages a Sign of the New Normal?

Wildfire risk led California's electric utilities to shut off power to hundreds of thousands of customers. Businesses everywhere should think about the implications for their buildings.

NYISO Lowers New York City Summer Load Forecast

Lower forecast likely to impact capacity prices, demand response earnings

Energy Market Insights for February 2021

Read Enel X analysis of February’s energy and pricing news. Learn more in the report.

Changes to California's Utility Rates are Disrupting the Economics of Commercial and Industrial Solar

This excerpt from our new whitepaper breaks down why California's utilities are changing their time-of-use rate schedules, as well as the impact on the state's commercial and industrial energy consumers.

How the Polar Vortex Affected Energy Markets in the Midwest

Last week's polar vortex caused energy price spikes and issues in the Midwest, but also revealed signs of progress for the region's energy infrastructure.

Ontario's Electricity Costs are Skyrocketing. Energy Storage Can Help

Electricity costs for businesses in Ontario are among the highest in North America. See how Enel X's energy storage technology is enabling Ontario businesses to take control.

What the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative's 1 Billionth Carbon Allowance Means for the Energy Industry

Enel X looks at the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative's recent milestone shows how an effectively managed market for carbon emissions can contribute to a cleaner electric grid.

Purchasing Strategies in the Current and Post Covid-19 Energy Market

The energy markets, particularly oil, have been devastated by COVID-19’s impact on consumer and industrial demand.